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Wetenschapsstraat 33
B-1040 Brussels

General number : +32 (0)2 234 96 11

For questions regarding the proceedings before the administrative litigation section, please consult the administrative litigation registry. You may also consult the pages on the administrative litigation proceedings.

For questions regarding the case-law, please consult het juriDict database.

To find a specific judgment, please use the search form.

For questions regarding the present state of the law, please consult the refLex database.

For questions regarding the advisory competence of the legislation section, please read the pages on the proceedings before the Legislation Section.

For question concerning legal technique, please consult the pages on legal technique.

For questions concerning vacancies, please consult the vacancies page.

For international contacts: international@councilofstate.be

For questions to the court spokesman (only for members of the press): press@councilofstate.be.

For questions that do not fall under the above or for observations regarding this website: info@councilofstate.be.
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