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The Registrars

Under the responsibility of the Chief Registrar, the registrars of the Legislation Section see to the smooth running of the proceedings from the receipt of new requests for an advisory opinion.

  • They ensure that the issue is dealt with within the prescribed time limits.
  • With the help of the registry staff, they keep up to date the agenda of the sittings.
  • During the sitting, they note down the comments which are made by the chamber members.
  • After the sitting, they draw up the minutes.They format the advisory opinion, have it amended as appropriate and reread the advisory opinion in accordance with the recommendations of the Department for the Consistency of Texts.
  • They can also be invited to do some documentary research for the magistrates.
  • They then transmit the text of the advisory opinion to the registry so that it can be forwarded to the authorities seeking advice and, if necessary, to the Department for the Consistency of Texts for translation.
  • They then have the advisory opinion and its translation forwarded to the authorities seeking advice.

The establishment plan and the conditions for the appointment of registrars are governed by the following sections of the coordinated laws:

  • section 69
  • section 72
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